A Piano Recital in Memory of
Frederic Chopin:
March 1st, 1810 -- October 17, 1849

Mazurka in C major opus 56
Mazurka in c minor opus 56
Mazurka in A-flat opus 50
Mazurka in C-sharp minor opus 50
Barcarolle opus 60
Ballade No.1 in g minor opus 23
Franz Liszt:
Funerailles ( October 1849 )
Consolation No. 3 in D-flat
Polonaise in A-flat opus 53


The second Hudson Valley Piano Club Salon was held on October 19, 2003. Pianist Yashar David Yaslowitz enchanted an audience of forty with his powerful performance.

The final notes of the Polonaise lifted the audience to its feet. Applause and hugs were hardly sufficient to express our gratitude for an afternoon of pure pleasure. If Chopin's spirit was present he would have considered Yashar not only an extraordinary pianist, but also a sensitive friend who understood the man and the emotions behind the music.

When the concert was over, it seemed that our guests hesitated, lingering over coffee and desert, not wanting to acknowledge the end of the afternoon's music -- leaving would break the spell. Our guest book will help us to remember ...

"Thank you for a wonderful experience."

"He's wonderful."

"Another wonderful concert, thank you!"

"Amazing work, Yashar. Congratulations."

"Thank you so much."

And finally, the day after from one of our guests...

"I woke up the next morning and I wanted it to happen all over again."


Yashar will next perform at St. Paul’s Festival of the Arts, Nyack, New York, November 1st 2003 at 8pm. He will perform works by Bach, Rachmaninov and Scriabin, and also the complete Four Ballades by Frederic Chopin.

Park Avenue by PVII
Yashar Yaslowitz
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