2002-2005 Accomplishments


The Hudson Valley Piano Club is a not-for-profit corporation which was founded in 2002 by Sarah Chauncey, Executive Director  and  Eileen Rossi, President, to support talented pianists and composers. Through its Salon Concerts,  Dead Pianists Society Series, Commissioning and  Educational Programs, the Piano Club promotes the arts in the Hudson Valley region of New York State.  The club also provides adult pianists with an opportunity to meet and share their music.

In 2005, the Piano Club was nominated for the Arts Council of Rockland County Executive Award.

Our Mission

... provide accomplished pianists, composers and young talent with opportunities for increased exposure and artistic growth by fostering the creation, performance, dissemination, and appreciation of their music.
...expand the audience of educated music lovers by creating an intimate, personal environment for the amateur listener to connect to music.
...support the artistic growth of amateur adult pianists who meet and share music in a friendly, supportive environment with other "grownups who want to play".


The Hudson Valley Piano Club has revived the tradition of the Salon Recital – performances of music in intimate settings. In response to the increasingly felt attitude that classical music is becoming less accessible, the Salon venue seeks to nurture the connection between performer and listener. Audiences are treated to musical explanations in conversation with the performer fostering an expanded awareness of the lives and works of the great composers.

Dead Pianists Society Series

The Dead Pianists Society is a series of four programs held in public libraries which present the music and biographical background of classical composers. The integration of lectures and live performances help bring to life the immortal works of the great composers by presenting their music as an accessible and exhilarating experience.  Visual stimuli – slideshow of relevant places and artwork, letters written by composers and relevant contemporaries, demonstrations of musical metaphors at the piano -- combined with the expert performance and scholastic skills of the presenter engenders a palpable enthusiasm that produces a lasting impression on the audience.  Each presentation concludes with an open ‘question & answer' session between performer and audience, making the occasion a truly interactive experience. Presentations are given by accomplished pianists from SUNY Purchase, NYU, Manhattan School of Music, Juilliard School, Yale University, Eastman School, etc.  Performances feature both solo and group performances.  Programs are free to the public. 

The first Dead Pianists Society Series was held at the Nanuet Public Library on September 19, October 3, 17, and 31 of 2004. Over 340 people attended the first series.  The evaluations of the program were stellar.  

The second series was held at the Suffern Library in January and February of 2005 – over 600 people attended this series

The third series will be held at the Valley Cottage Library in September and October of 2005.

Grownups Who Want to Play
The Piano Club hosts meetings for adults who have returned to the piano or have begun taking lessons for the first time.  Pieces are shared in a supportive environment where each member is encouraged to develop his or her talent. Come join us — share music, conversation, camaraderie, and refreshments with other “grownups who want to play”. Six meetings are have been scheduled for 2005.



July: An Evening of Music and Humor  - John Lampkin
Nov: Piano Recital in Memory of  Frederic Chopin - Yashar Yaslowitz

March: Presenting a Compelling Thematic Piano Recital, Lecture & Performance - Lisa Yui
April:   Piano Music of the 19th Century: Works by Chopin, Brahms, Schubert and Liszt - Dan Teitler
MayFrom Vienna to the Pyrenees: Schubert, Brahms, Ravel - Laura Garritson
Women and the Piano, Lecture & Performance - Lisa Yui

Feb:    America:  Music Of Yesterday, Today &  Tomorrow -  Adam Marks
April:   Beethoven & The Piano Sonata:  Musical Recollections Of A Seasoned Traveler -  Lisa Yui
June:  Gypsy Music -  Yashar Yaslowitz,  Violin: Christiana Liberis
Aug:   The Romantic Cello Sonata -  Piano: Dimitri Steinberg, Cello: Gjilberta Gelaj 
Oct:   The Piano Sonata; An Evolving 400 Year Old Tradition -  Yegor Shevtsov
Oct:   Young Artist Salon Rcmtg & Morning Music Club Scholarship Winners
Nov:  Nights In Spain -  Jason Cutmore


2004 Nanuet Public Library – Sunday at 2:00 pm
Sept 19: Debussy's Twelve Preludes: Where the Arts Intersect ~ Pianist & Lecturer: Yashar Yaslowitz
Oct. 03: Beethoven's Final Three Piano Sonatas:A Transcendental Voyage ~ Pianist & Lecturer: Yashar Yaslowitz
Oct. 17: Frederic Chopin:His Life and Music from Adolescence to Maturity  ~ Pianist & Lecturer: Yashar Yaslowitz
            Cello: Gjilberta Gelaj Guest Pianist: Alice Burla
Oct. 31:  Liszt's Dante and Faust: From the Demonic to the Divine Pianists: ~ Pianists:  Laura Garritson & Lindsay Garritson             Lecturer: Jeremy Hays

2005  Suffern Free Library  – Sunday at 2:00 pm
Jan 09: Mozart Piano Concerto in E-flat: Improvising Ornaments and Composing Cadenzas ~Pianist & Lecturer:  Derek Chiu
Jan 23: Chopin Ballades:  Stories of the Soul ~  Pianist & Lecturer:  Yashar Yaslowitz
Feb 06:  Schubert's 'Wanderer' Fantasy:  Thematic Transformation and the Romantic Spirit ~ Pianist & Lecturer:  Daniel Teitler
Feb 20:  Liszt's Sonata in B minor: Mephisto in a Cassock ~ Pianist & Lecturer:   Lisa Yui

Valley Cottage Library  – Sunday at 1:00 pm
Sep 18: Bach Transcriptions Pianist & Lecturer: Yashar Yaslowitz
Oct 02: Haydn Pianist: Laura Garritson Lecturer: Jeremy Hayes
Oct 16:  Rachmaninov Pianist: Dimitri Steinberg Cello: Gjilberta Gelaj
Oct 30: Scriabin Pianist: Maria Yefimova

The Hudson Valley Piano Club provided financial support for composer John Lampkin's George Washington Slept Here -  variations on "Soldier's Joy" for piano, flute, and clarinet.